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Are Searching for a Passionate, Creative, and Results-Oriented Speaker to support your Audience, Employees/Staff, and/or Members to buy into the Vision? 

Then, You're Really Looking For... 

Dr.Toni Hatton, Your Vision & Mindset Expert!    

Dr. Toni Hatton Vision Mindset Expert 

Dr. Toni Hatton Vision/Mindset Expert

"Get Ready for Transformational Author, Speaker, & Vision Expert..." 

"I'm honored that you could join me today! I must let you in on a secret. That situation you're facing right now has another side to it! It did not come into your life because "That's just the way it is.", "That's a part of life.", or "It was bound to happen". It is only the vehicle used to drive you to your purpose. How do I know? Look at how strong you are! You are surviving it! It did not and will not break you! The time has come for you to switch the lens that you're looking through. You've looked through that lens long enough. Now look at that situation with a new perception and soon you'll see what you've been missing all this time!" A lack of vision greatly affects how you move forward in life! Let Dr.Toni show you how to develop your vision, correct your perception, and bring your dreams and goals into focus so that you can finally manifest them!  You're not a victim, you're a Victor!


"From Cloudy to Clear!” Signature Talk

You will be transformed as you...


begin to see the same old situation with a new set of eyes! 

 remove the obstacles holding you back!

 reprogram your subconscious with what you truly desire!

 find the hidden jewels in your past that you were created to serve to the world!

 shift your perception and develop the courage to create an authentic life!


 "From Hopeless to Hopeful!" Signature Talk

You're perception will SHIFT as you begin to...


see more clearly!

think differently!

discover your possibilities!


"Your Body Can Heal Itself!" Signature Talk

 You'll learn simple, yet effective ways to...


increase your energy!

cleanse and detox your organs the natural way!

hold onto your uterus, grow your own blood, and stop a blood transfusion!

prepare quick, healthy, on-the-go recipes!

maintain your healthy lifestyle!



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Attractive Results

Hello Dr. Hatton,
In short, I am still intoxicated by your presentation at the BMF.  You are always so insightful but as the Guest Speaker, you were a galvanic force that has aided in the shifting of my entire existence, thoughts, beliefs and actions. All sources of Revelation that have come to me within these last few months have been so eloquently aligned from my prayer life and intuition, sermons from my pastor, participation in the broadcast, and now this matchless presentation that you shared with the BMF.  I am awe-inspired by the small portion of your testimony that I have been privy to, your clairvoyance, and your compassion for others.  Please continue to share the precious jewels you have acquired through your life experiences as your life, as well as the other leaders and members within the BMF are the blueprint and "real" models for us to study and delineate to.  Thank you for operating in your purpose and being a conduit for God's power.


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Pause & Propel! 



Manage Stress By Changing Your Mindset!

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It's A Lifestyle Not A Diet!

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Exceptional People

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 Raving Fans





Transform your audience, add value to their lives, and hear them say, "I am so glad that I attended this event!  I can see clearly now!"

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My Life's Work Is To Make Your Life Better!

 Remember,  "It's Not What You're Going Through, But How You're Viewing It!"

  ~Think Attractively!