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Hold Onto Your Uterus! Grow Your Own Blood, and Stop a Blood Transfusion!
The anemia audioIn 2007, my daughter became chronically anemic over a weekend.  She had never missed a day of college and was an honor student.  The first day, she came home talking about she didn’t feel well.  I started giving her supplements and foods that I knew would boost her immune system.  I thought she was getting a cold of some sort.  The second day, she came home from college a half day.  The third day, she never got out of bed.  I knew something was wrong!  I called her doctor and we scheduled to have her blood drawn for testing.  The lab called her doctor at 2 a.m. and stated that this young lady needed to be seen immediately!  When we arrived at the doctors’ office, her assistant asked my daughter to get up on the bed, but move very slowly.  Huh?  …”Move very slowly?”  What was going on?  Her doctor came in and said, “The hospital is waiting to give your daughter a blood transfusion!”  What?  What is wrong with her?  “Mrs. Hatton, your daughters’ blood count is a 4!”  What are our options?  “A blood transfusion,  the hospital is waiting!” she replied.   Well, as a mother, you can imagine what I was thinking looking at my beautiful baby sitting on that bed, barely able to move without assistance.
I asked her doctor to excuse herself from the room and I dialed a number from my pocket.  “Hello, this is Dr.Toni.  How are you?" Good.  "I’m at the hospital with my daughter.  I remembered during your presentation that you said that the body can heal itself, given proper nutrition.  My daughter is on this hospital bed and I know there’s an alternative, I just don’t know what it is.”  People I want you to understand something very clearly.  Our loved ones are perishing because of A LACK OF KNOWLEDGE!  Period!  It’s that simple!  It’s what we don’t know that could kill us for real! 
I ended the call and asked her doctor to come back into the room.  I didn’t have any questions because I thought I knew the affects of a blood transfusion (you could get a disease).  My daughter asked and her doctor said that one of the side effects of having a blood transfusion is heart failure!  (I could talk all day about side effects from taking foreign substances into the body with the intent to heal the body.  LOL!  That’s a joke!)  I let her know that I had an alternative and that I would bring my daughter back in 2 days.  Her doctor said, “Do you realize your daughter is unto death?”  “Yes, but I have an alternative and there’s nothing wrong with her heart.  I just want to deal with the blood issue.  I promise I’ll bring her back in two days.” 
To make a long story short, I went to several health food stores and combined nutritional supplements, healthy foods, and A LOT of PRAYER!  As I had promised, I took my daughter back to her doctor in two days.  Her blood counts were rising, but she was not in the safe zone.  Two days after that, her doctor stated that her body was going CRAZY making new blood!  Whew!  We were almost there!  With proper nutrition, within 7 days my daughter made a full recovery without any medical attention, other than getting her blood drawn!  You know, that changed my life!  I started flipping through my phone book and telling everyone!  “You don’t have to be sick!  Your body can heal itself, given proper nutrition!”
Do you know how many young women in their 20's are getting hysterectomies?  Do you know how many young women are receiving blood transfusions unnecessarily?  Do you know that proper nutrition has always been our means of maintaining our health?  Do you know that your brain is programmed with the frequency of mineral supplements and it knows where to direct each one to bring about balance and healing in the body?  It's not magic.  It's natural and it's by design!  When you give your body proper nutrition by eating right and taking nutritional supplements, there are no side effects, expensive doctor bills, or long term damaging effects on the body! 
So, there you have it.  You’re talking to someone who lived it and lived to see the results of making simple, yet effective lifestyle adjustments that guaranteed my daughter's total wellness!  What if I never knew that one piece of information?  My daughter's story would have had a different ending. Today, she is still going strong!  Thank God! If you’re like me, all you need is the right wellness information to target and achieve your wellness goals! All you need is the right wellness information to target and achieve your wellness goals!  If you're not interested in experiencing the side effects associated with prescription drugs and surgeries, and the damaging long term effects they can have on the body, then "Hold Onto Your Uterus!  Grow Your Own Blood,  and Stop a Blood Transfusion!" Audio is for you!   
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This information is not designed to treat, cure, or diagnose any sickness or dis-ease, but it is for informational purposes only.  If you are dealing with a sickness or disease, contact your medical provider!



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